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Professional Herbalist & Acupuncturist in Sale, South Manchester

Z. Yu is an experienced Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist practising in Sale, near Altrincham in south Manchester.

Zuowen Yu BSc, MSc, PhD, MATCM

Under the influence of his father, who is a well-known traditional Chinese medicine professor in China, Dr. Yu started his early education in this field when he was only 5 years old. When he was 15, he was chosen as one of a few to enter Shaonianban, a special programme for gifted youngsters, at Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is an 8-year full-time programme, which included curriculum from Chinese medicine to western medicine, from acupuncture to herbal medicine, from practical skills to ancient classics. He started his practice in hospital in 1993. Later on, he completed his Master and PhD study. He came to UK in 2004, practised in Sheffield, London and Hale Altrincham. He currently practises in Sale, near Altrincham in south Manchester.

As a qualified, professional practitioner, Dr. Yu has a wealth of experience in treating various health problems. He is well-known not only for his sophisticated way of using Chinese herbal medicine but also for his philosophical way of understanding health issues. Over the last twenty odd years he has dealt with many unusual and difficult conditions with great success. He has also developed particular interests in autoimmune, rheumatic, skin & allergic and fertility problems.

Dr. Yu has been educated in two disciplines – both TCM and Western medicine. His practice combines TCM with modern approaches. Chinese herbal medicine can be prescribed either separately or in conjunction with acupuncture treatment.

In his spare time, Dr. Yu enjoys himself in ancient Chinese classics, such as Iching, Taoism, which help him understand Chinese medicine even better.

"We were willing to take a leap of faith and were reassured by Dr Yu's honesty and professionalism. Dr Yu was always happy to explain how the herbs and acupuncture worked and helped us understand as much as possible about the treatment ... Dr Yu was always very interested, reassuring and kind, and we trusted him completely."

- M & L, South Manchester

  • BSc Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • MSc Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • PhD Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture UK (ATCM)
  • Acupuncture Fertility Network (AFN)

  • Autoimmune problems:
    Systemic lupus erithematosus (SLE), ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, Sjorgen's syndrome, ankylosing spondylitis (AS), scleroderma, Hashimoto thyroiditis, multiple sclerosis (MS), mixed connective tissue disease (MCTD)
  • Skin & Allergic disorders:
    Eczema, psoriasis, acne, lichen planus, asthma, allergic rhinitis (hay fever), urticaria, angioedema, neurodermatitis, pityriasis rosea, rosacea, fungal and yeast infection, panniculitis
  • Fertility & IVF:
    Support for IVF ICSI or IUI, unexplained infertility, PCOS, endometriosis, high FSH, low AMH, premature ovarian failure, high prolactin / hyperprolactinemia, recurrent miscarriage, low sperm count, poor motility, poor morphology, anti-sperm antibodies
  • Pain conditions:
    Neck pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain (tennis elbow/golf elbow), wrist pain (carpal tunnel syndrome), hip pain, knee pain, lower back pain, sciatica, dental pain, migraine, headache, menstrual cramps/dysmenorrhea
  • Digestive Complaints:
    Constipation, stomachache, abdominal pain, chronic diarrhoea, indigestion, gastroesophageal reflux disease, heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, hepatitis, impaired liver function, nausea

This practice is conveniently located in Sale, which is ideal for people who are looking for acupuncturist in south Manchester. It is within easy reach of Altrincham, Timperley, Hale, Didsbury, Northenden, Stretford, Urmston, Chorlton, Withinghton, Wythenshawe, Manchester city centre, Knutsford, Macclesfield, Warrighton.

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